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Unlocking High Blood Pressure Solutions with Holistic Care

High blood pressure is a silent yet significant health concern, affecting nearly half of the adult population in the United States. In 2021 alone, it contributed to 691,095 deaths. The good news is that understanding the factors at play can empower you to make positive changes. Let’s learn more about the major risk factors and some effective solutions.

Major Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure Cuff

Understanding the “why” behind high blood pressure can be very beneficial to your overall heatlth

  • Lack of Exercise
  • Diet high in processed foods
  • Prolonged Stress
  • Diabetes or Insulin Resistance
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption

Science Behind Blood Pressure Regulation:

High blood pressure results from excess blood volume in your arteries. Narrower arteries lead to higher pressure. Your body’s mechanisms for naturally lowering blood pressure include kidney regulation and the production of Nitric Oxide. As we age, Nitric Oxide production declines, affecting both blood pressure and other aspects of health.

Taking Control:

To manage or prevent high blood pressure:

  • Adopt a whole-food diet, eliminating processed foods.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine.
  • Prioritize regular exercise.

Holistic Health and Chiropractic Care:

In Travelers Rest, SC, holistic health at Life in Balance Wellness integrates chiropractic care and functional medicine. These practices address the root causes of health issues and work to restore balance to your body, potentially reducing high blood pressure.


High blood pressure may be a silent threat, but it’s not insurmountable. By understanding the risk factors and adopting a holistic approach to health, you can unlock the secrets to a healthier heart. Follow us for more health tips and updates!

Interested in talking with Dr. Chris about how you can limit the dangers of high blood pressure in YOUR life? Call us at 864-610-0177 or book online today!

Still want to learn more about how nitric oxide works in your body? Check out this video: The Science of Nitric Oxide | Consumer Health Animation

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