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How Better Blood Tests Lead to Better Health

Better Blood Tests

man and woman looking at paperworkDid you know that standard blood tests often miss catching health problems early? Read about our detailed blood panels that help keep you in optimum health.

Blood is the life of the body, and it also serves as a key indicator of your overall health. Functional medicine starts with an accurate blood panel that helps us develop a wellness plan specific to your needs.

If you’re dealing with brain fog, fatigue, chronic pain, or other unexplained health issues, our detailed blood work can help shine a light on what’s going on.

We’ve helped patients develop solutions for everything from weight gain or sudden weight loss to joint pain and sleep problems by first diagnosing the problem through our objective tests.

Not All Blood Tests Are the Same

Most labs determine the “healthy” range for each marker by taking an average of the people who come in for each test. Unfortunately, we’re living in an extremely sick society. Obesity and pre-diabetes are off the charts. As sick people set the range for what is considered average, you have to be extremely unwell before anyone notices your labs are outside the “normal” range.

This leads many doctors to say there’s nothing wrong with you, even if you don’t feel like yourself. You shouldn’t have to wait for a minor problem to develop into a major condition before you get an answer.

More Accurate Results to Find Clearer Answers

Functional medicine evaluates whether your markers are within a much narrower optimal range. We compare you to healthy people to help you maintain optimal wellness.

Dr. Chris always looks for trends. For example, if three or four markers are on the low end of normal, there’s a higher probability of a deficiency. Our metabolic panel checks a wide spectrum of markers, including nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar, liver function, immune function, white blood cells, anemia, thyroid function, and hormonal balance. We can also evaluate more specific biomarkers, like estrogen or testosterone, if we suspect an issue.

Contact Our Team Today

We charge a fraction of what you’d pay at most doctors’ offices. If you’d like, we can do your blood work and send it to another doctor or specialist.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!

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