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Facts about Functional Medicine

handful of berriesDid you know the United States has the highest rate of preventable hospitalizations and avoidable deaths of all developed nations? Our nation also spends more on health care than any other country, yet has the lowest life expectancy and highest rate of suicide of any other developed nation.

Per capita health spending in the USA is greater than $10K, which is more than double compared to other developed nations! You’d think that, considering how much money is spent on health care, patients would get the time they feel they need to discuss their condition or complaint with their physician. Yet, the average length of a doctor’s visit is just 10-15 minutes. Patients usually spend more time in the waiting room than talking to their doctor.

Moreover, nearly 40% of Americans over 20 years old are obese, and 70% of adults take at least one prescription medication.

Given these findings, the way we look at health has to change. Functional medicine doesn’t treat symptoms, it looks for the root cause, the “why” of what’s going on in the body. And we keep asking why until we get the answers we need.

Finding Answers

With traditional medicine, most visits are brief, and end with a diagnosis and prescription to go with that condition. You know what you have, but there’s no further explanation as to why it happened. When you see a functional medicine practitioner, that mindset doesn’t work. There are no magic supplements to cure what ails you.

At Life in Balance Wellness, our goal is to find out what has led to this diagnosis. In many cases, we find that diet and lifestyle are primary factors in the root cause of the problem. Our main focus is on determining what changes need to be made to eliminate the cause of the problem, and if supplementation is necessary.

What to Expect

Before you come to our office, we send out lengthy questionnaires to complete. If you have current lab work, please bring it with you. When you arrive at the office, Dr. Chris will do a deeper dive into your history to gather important information relevant to your case. If necessary, he will order additional lab work that will give him a more complete picture of what’s going on with your body.

Dr. Chris compares your results to the functional ranges of each marker for any disparities, looks for patterns in the data to determine what foundational issues to address, and formulates a plan.

On the next visit, Dr. Chris shows you the results and explains everything, so you
understand what’s happening in your body and why. The process is data-driven and uniquely tailored to your results.

A Holistic Approach

Dr. Chris believes in a whole body approach to care, which may include adjustments.
Many of our functional medicine patients also receive chiropractic care. The inflammation we found in our testing may be what’s causing issues in your back, and vice versa.

Learn More

Contact our office to learn more about how functional medicine may help you.

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